Thanksgiving weekend

Posted on Nov 25, 2012
I spent thanksgiving weekend here in Pa, it was a hard holiday. But I am thankful for many things among which being welcome with my boyfriend’s family. I was able to skype with my family back home when my mom’s side was over, did my heart good. I have a really funny family, borderline inappropriate at times, but funny. I am thankful for that.
Dylan helped me collect pine cones for some Christmas decorations for a couple parties.
Emma loves walks (or rather runs) on the farm. 

Pretty walks

Children of the corn

Today we went to the dairy farm where we buy milk from. A dairy farmer keeps a giant tank of milk in part of the barn and you just go in and fill your container and then leave the farmer some milk under a wrench on the water heater. Honor system, amazing milk. Cute calves.

Then to the poultry farm to buy some free range eggs. Dylan’s hens have been molting lately and have not been producing too many eggs. We were able to talk to the farmer and he was real nice.

Then headed back to the city and stopped at the goodwill outlet and we both scored some awesome boots. 
We were pretty stoked!
Hope ya’all had a great Thanksgiving!
Keep it classy,

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