Life lately: Picture overload

Posted on Nov 5, 2012
My life in Instagram pictures as of lately
I have moved into a little apartment above a Hungarian restaurant. It has needed some cleaning up but it is livable now and I have been asked to do a little tour of it for friends that can’t come see it so that may come in the future when I can take some good photos.
(1: working downstairs helping cleaning up the building, fun stairwell

2: my succulent/house plant collection has gotten a little out of hand, might be an obession
3: Dylan and Emma spending some quality time together
4: the mantle above the fireplace in my bedroom)

Been Sewing clutches
Eating and playing around with recipes and new experiments with veggies from the farmers market and the CSA 

Learning to appreciate new teas

1: A few dates and silly pictures here and there with the red head.
2: Andy Warhol Day with Katherine
3: Zoo day with Denman and Caitlyn.

Drove to Missouri for my brother’s wedding and to see my family. I loved every minute of it, just a great trip all around.
1: We drove the 15 hours there and took Emma. She loves road trips and Dylan is a champion of long road trips.
2: Tyler and Natalee the night before the wedding. Are they not the cutest? seriously, it’s nauseating. haha 
3: Dylan and I before the wedding.
4: Ty and Nat for their first dance. So happy together! Truly happy for them and the road it has taken them to this point. I’m proud of their decisions and wisdom and maturity they have shown along the way.
The wedding was beautiful. My uncle said there wasn’t a dry eye in the house (I have never seen my uncle cry) it was a beautiful testimony of love. The reception was fun and good eats and the dancing… Let’s just say that Dylan and my mom are a little closer now after a crazy little performance by Dylan including LMFAO’s Sexy and I Know It and Dylan dropping it like it’s hot on my mother.  It was Outrageous to say the least.
1: On the way out of town we got to see some good friends of ours and my best friend Bree and her daughter Jos. AND Bree is expecting another beautiful baby! so excited!
2: Is Jos not the cutest kid ever?! Those red curls , blue eyes and mischievous grin? Sheesh!
3: Have I mentioned Emma loves car rides?

Went red …twice
Going back to blonde again soon.

Did a couple outfit posts
1: dress- thrifted for a $1, jacket – thrifted for $4, boots – thrifted for $4, tights – target clearance $1.50

2: dress – grandma thrifted for me for $4 (vintage Diane Von Furstenburg, what a steal!), braided belt: thrifted for $1, Mocs – stolen from my old roommates rummage sale items. Ice cream cone – mint and awesome!

Spending lots of time with Dylan and Emma. It has been hard moving out here to PA, away from my family and everything familiar but it has been worth every minute of it. So blessed in life and love and incredibly thankful for all the people that are in my life both here and in Missouri. 
Family, if you’re reading this I know you know that I miss and love you all very much.
You’re the reason I do these ridiculously long picture posts.
keep it classy, 

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