Wedding details: Part two

Posted on Sep 25, 2013
Sorry, I have been a little inconsistent lately. Kinda getting married in 10 days and having two receptions over the next couple weeks. So excited! Lots of planning and lots of little handmade things here and there being made for the wedding. I am thoroughly exhausted and ready for the dust to settle. A two week honeymoon will be nice.
I am making a floral crown to wear for the wedding and I realized I really had no clue how to make one so I thought I better practice.  All the tutorials online really didn’t help. I just had to mess around until I got it. I’m not a 100% satisfied with the outcome but I do have some tips and ideas of what to do with the real deal. 
I picked up a cheap bouquet of roses (all they had was purple) and floral tape and wire. It was a process. Lots of messing up but I felt like a princess when I finally put it on. 
I’m making little decorations with our wedding colors, its been fun but so time consuming. Dylan made a comment “well this is why people pay for wedding planners.”  It all makes sense now, haha.
There are very few “things” that I have really wished/longed to have at our wedding, a jadeite cake stand was on of them. Yesterday it arrived in the mail from my grandma! Stoked to continue collecting jadeite.
When the UPS guy arrived I ran out and through my hands in the air and exclaimed “Oh good! I’ve been waiting for you!”    … the guy gave me a confused smile. haha
To see a few more photos of the wedding prep go here.

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