Rad Friends Doing Rad Things: Seth LeDonne

Posted on May 8, 2013
This next friend that I’m sharing with you is hilarious! This post is also a fun way to raise awareness of his art and a fundraiser he is doing for a trip this summer. I am happy he is allowing me to share his artwork with you and the awesome exhibitions he has been a part of. 

Multi-Media, 2-D, performance, presentations, film, writing, etc

Southwestern PA

I started playing with legos. Making films in high school. Going to a University’s Art Program that was pretty decent. Slummin it.

I draw inspirtation from youth culture, yesteryear, nostalgia, centimentality, the holy spirit, community, houses, friends, words, appropriated and reinterpreted ideas.

 Honestly some of the most influential people creatively for me have been Ed Templeton, Jim Houser, Harvey Pekar, David Shrigley, David Berman, I mean those are all so apparent though. My dude Ron Copeland has mad work ethic. My little brother has always been sick at art and music, in a natural-talent-apathetic way. 

I’m usually in a basement studio, sometimes in a café trying to develop a more sustainable practice. I am growing weary of a 5 month mess enveloping a 1 month exhibition. Needing to be more organized. 

I definitely feel my art serves a purpose. I generally am trying to be positive. To be a beacon of joy is a goal. Community has always been a big part of creativity for me. I like the idea of educating. I think we are all teachers and have practical skills.

Biggest obstacle creatively will forever be time management.

I want to see more expression and less process in the future. I have always favored quantity and want to continue producing more but in more accessible way to wider audiences.

I would probably advise everyone to take risks. Reduce the overhead of your living expenses. Devote time to art and to other artists and people in general. Be honest in life and in your work. Take good care of yourself and start eating right.

I am currently working on a limited edition three color screen print to fund my trip to Chiapas Mexico.  Gotta get my cake up. Oddly enough I have been writing descriptions of courses that I feel my friends could teach. Writing a little bit of prose type stuff I guess. My whole life is a project  so I am really trying just to get organized and become more mobile and less tied down so I have more time to create this summer. Gotta get the magic while it’s there.

Seth is doing a special fundraiser campaign to help with his trip to Chiapas, Mexico this summer with our church. The above print is what he is selling through his indiegogo and I think it is absolutely awesome!
He explains it a little more in the video below. I was recently watching his fundraising video and dying laughing. He’s just a funny guy and super nice.

Please consider helping him out by going here to support his art and his desire to serve this summer in Chiapas.

To view more of Seth’s work you can visit his website.


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  1. Midnight and Dawn
    May 9, 2013

    That screen print is so good!


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