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Posted on Feb 27, 2013
My second Artist Spotlight is an old friend of mine from Joplin, MO. We’ve known each other for the past 10ish years, first through our local music scene then through friend circles. If I had to pick one word for Aaron it would be ‘passionate’. If he wants to pursue something he throws his whole being into it. An admirable trait to find.

Aaron DuRall
DuRall Photography

I am both a musician and a photographer. 

That said, photography is what captivates and holds the bulk of my heart. 

I am based out of Joplin, Missouri.

I fell into photography by chance not even a full two years ago. Since I was a kid, I have always been fascinated with photos and the stories they have the ability to tell. After years of never being in a position to afford a camera beyond a typical point and shoot, I spent about $600.00 that I had been saving for more tattoos on a Canon Rebel T2i. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Of course, since then I have upgraded my gear considerably, but that was a great launching point. I don’t think I’ve ever found something as rewarding as taking photos in the 27 years I’ve been in this world. 

My biggest creative heroes would be my late father and my mother. My father was the hardest working person that I’ve ever known. He was so gifted, too. He was a phenomenal sketcher, sculptor, and craftsman. My mother is one of the most resourceful people I have ever known and she has such a keen ability to take the mundane and turn it into something extraordinary and beautiful. For them both, their talents and abilities seem so effortless. Beyond my parents, there are people out there who are producing work that never fails to amaze and inspire as well.

I believe that my art serves a purpose. As a wedding photographer, or photographer in general, my goal is to tell stories and help clients relive some of the most special moments in their lives. While some might not consider what I do art, I would say to them that art is and always will be subjective. My purpose, as mentioned before, is to tell real life stories through documentation. I want to capture humans in their natural element with all of life’s nuances. And, I guess at the end of the day, if your art makes you happy, which mine does, then it is certainly serving a purpose because I don’t believe that purpose is defined by anyone other than myself.

I can’t say that I really have insecurities regarding the creative process. If I create something and I hate it, that’s Okay. That just means it’s either time to pick my camera or guitar (if it’s related to music) back up and try again.

My biggest obstacle has been realizing that failure is Okay. Failure is not the end of anything. In reality, it’s the beginning of something great. When we let go of our fears and allow our failures to be accepted, they begin to mold us for the future, which makes us better not only as creatives, but as humans.

My photography is a constant evolution. With photography, in my opinion, one should always be seeking out new ideas and new techniques. Stagnation is the enemy if you ask me and does nothing to breathe life into creativity. I cannot say with any amount of certainty how my art will or won’t evolve in the future. I can just say that it’s a natural process that takes me with it. The universe is in control, I am just along for the ride.

The main thing I am working on right now is weddings and engagements with my partner in business and in life, my beautiful wife and best friend, Whitney. Once we get right on the cusp of spring, this industry has a way of taking the wheel.

To view more of Aaron’s photography you can go to:
Thanks Aaron!


  1. Vanessa Castoe
    February 27, 2013

    Beautiful work. And I love what you said about failure. I have to repeat the same mantra to myself repeatedly.

  2. Tara Jurevicius
    February 27, 2013

    You are awesome Aaron!!!So excited for you and future in the photography world!!!


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