Our DIY Boutonnieres

Posted on Dec 10, 2013
Flowers are expensive and to have boutonnieres made on top of all the other flowers seemed a little excessive. I wanted the parents bouts and corsages to be extra special. This little idea was one of my first ideas for the wedding that I wanted to DIY.  Unfortunately it was overshadowed by everything else that needed to be done. 
I had the frame, with a padding in it for display, and the mothers bouts done and that was about it before I left for the weekend of the wedding. Our sweet bridesmaids/groomswomen all chipped in and helped me whip the rest up last minute. It was a fun little bonding time and really relieved a lot of stress off of me. They are so sweet!

These were very easy to to make. 
1. Buy large safety pins and felt of your color choices.
2. Cut a rectangular piece of felt to width to slip through the pin lengthwise. Then cut a triangle out of the bottom to make the banner like shape.
3. Cut a smaller rectangular shape of contrasting color to be framed in the front of the bout. 
4. Stitch together both pieces. front and back.
5. Stitch a symbol or feather on and pin it on a handsome fella or a beautiful momma!

All photos are by Sugar and Spice Photography.
– Zon

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