Life lately – Christmas and New Years

Posted on Jan 24, 2013
I realized the other day that I have not done a post from over the holidays. I went back home for Christmas (Missouri) and was able to spend some great time relaxing with my family and seeing some friends.  
I really wish had taken more pictures and the ones I did take are pretty poor quality.
My presents for my family. I had brought some with me and some had to be bought when I got there. I tried to buy either handmade or sustainable/eco friendly products. I felt good about it, maybe a few family members could have done with out it, haha. I will slowly win you guys over (mom).
gifts: brown kraft paper, bakers twine, fresh cuttings of cedar, Martha Stewart classy sticker labels.

A couple of my essentials

I have a brother and sister that are twins and their birthday is just a couple weeks after Christmas so I gave them their birthday gifts ahead of time. I’m not a huge sparkles and glitter everything fan but certain colors are slowly winning me over. This rose pink glitter ribbon from Micheal’s sucked me in.

My mantle for Christmas. I made Emma and I some stockings from felt.

Had fun with my parents when I got in from my flight and we went to a walk through light display. My parents are pretty rad. I love them. (sorry for the bad picture quality).

Pretty Wrapping paper and card I thrifted. Pretty design.

I flew back in to Pittsburgh and there was so much snow! I loved it!

We celebrated new years with some of our favorite people in a freaking winter wonderland! The drive there was gorgeous.
Our cabin was amazing thanks to some good scouting by our friend Renee. We spent four days sledding, playing games, dancing, cooking (and of course eating) amazing food, watching movies, sipping hot drinks and just laughing and having a good time together. The most perfect of times.
Awesome mounted moose in the dining room.

I cut up a set of antlers for Emma and this forked piece makes emma looks like a walrus. We had a good laugh about that.

We are odd, we accept that.
Stay Classy

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