UPJ obstruction

Posted on Feb 20, 2011

Back in decemeber I was fed up with having terrible back/stomach pains on my right side and vomiting from the pain. This has been happening for the last several years but mainly just the pain, the nausea started becoming more frequent in the last two years. So I decided it was time to go to the emergency room after talking to a doctor friend.  My roommate picked me up from work and took me to the ER. (::sidenote::  My roommate was a real trooper, taking me to the er and staying the night with me at the hospital so my parents could go home and be back the next day and she had to work the next day. Super thankful for such a good friend! Thanks Corny!)
(::Continue story::)They got me right in and started running tests.  Doctor pushed around on my stomach and thought it was my gullbladder, ran more tests and then an ultra sound. Doctor came back in and said “Well it’s not your gullbladder, it’s your kidney…” 
In my head: “what the heck does that even mean?!”  Lady doctor went on to explain that my right kidney swells up real big. It is called a Uretal Pelvic Junction Obstuction (UPJ). I stay overnight and was supposed to have surgery the following morning.
Next morning the doctor informs me my kidney swells to four times its size when this happens.  Runs more tests and refers me to a specialist in Columbia to perform a robotic operation.
Went to columbia to have them just confirm what we already knew and set up a surgery date.

So what is a UPJ Obstruction? I had no clue. The doctors had to draw me little pictures. From what I’ve been told and read up on is more often found in babies. It is not rare but certainly not common in adults my age.  basically it is either a birth defect or some typle of blockage on my ureter. Here’s a video of what happens

And here’s the surgery. Which I found fascinating but it is certainly not for the squeemish (is that a word?)

Today has been one of those days with the pain/nausea but mostly nausea (you know the vomit stuff). I am just really ready for it to be over with.  One week from monday (feb 28th) is surgery day. Ready for it to be here and be over with it.

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  1. Lauren @ Heya, Sparky!
    February 20, 2011

    This is amazing! I can’t believe you found your surgery on youtube… I might have to search for more, I love this stuff.


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