Posted on Mar 12, 2010

Well here’s an update, I still suck at blogging. The lack of consistancy here is ridiculous! February 9th?!?! sheesh.

ok on with the update.
The craft room is a mess. I like to call it my creative genius when ty raises an eyebrow at it, but inside I’m cringing and dying for a full afternoon to clean and organize it.
The valentines project is still hanging up. (reminder: it’s March 11, almost a month after). It works I guess.
The red hair has been toned down a bit. more of a warm brown/auburn color

…and I’ve decided that I’m already sick of the red and the new bangs, it just isn’t working for me. Probably will be going back to blonde sometime soon. I really just want to dread it and not mess with it anymore.

In other news I’ve finally uploaded some items to my etsy. Only two handmade items (patience, I gotta do this in baby steps). Here’s a link to my shop.

I’ve sold a whopping 4 items and let me tell you that may not seem like a lot but every time I have a sell throw my fist in the air and hoot and holler. haha I get so excited!

Here’s the things I’ve sold thus far.

Random, I know

Well, my hot tea is now cold and I have a little date with a book that I need to get to.

Have a classy night!

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite songs and favorite couples.

grace and peace

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