Tea Cups and Hagglers

Posted on Mar 19, 2013
Tea Cups and Hagglers
Saturday was a get-stuff-done day for me and I was in that mode but we saw there was a flea market happening down the street so we decided to take a break and walk down to it. 

When we got down there we were met by a funny guy named Larry. We perused all of his treasures and chit chatted about prices and the neighborhood and we found a few items we were interested in.  While I was over by the dishes a gentleman, who had been walking around looking through all the stuff, struck up a conversation with me about some of the china (not pictured). He noted that it was pretty and I agreed and told him I was eyeing the tea cup and saucer with the roses for a tea party I am planning, but was not interested in buying all three boxes full of assorted china and dishes (Larry wanted to get rid of whole lots rather than individual pieces, which I understood).  The gentleman made a comment that he thought Larry might sell me it by itself and I disagreed. We discussed another tea set together and then Dylan and I moved on to pay and to walk back to the house.

When we got outside the gentleman was waiting for me and and told me to have a good day and to not forget my tea cup on the car over there. I was thoroughly confused. I asked him if he bought it for me and he responded with a a big smile and said “Honey, I am in charge of this sale. Have fun with your tea party!”

I had been tricked in the kindest way. The man who was acting as a shopper and was trying to slyly sell me on more things ended up giving me a sweet little gift. It was a fun little surprise. Pretty stoked on my little tea cup.

I made these as a little afternoon snack and they were seriously amazing! Such a simple idea and recipe and so good!
Mozzarella string cheese rolled into a crescent roll… GENIUS! Recipe found here. I just didn’t use pepperoni. Dylan asked if I could make these for him every day, haha. They were seriously so tasty.


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