Simple Photo Frame DIY

Posted on Mar 11, 2013
Simple Photo Frame DIY
Another easy DIY here that can be done so many ways. 
Here’s what you’ll need.
photo corners
die cut chip board or any type of plate or wood will do.
a photo of your choosing
scissors for cutting your string
a label maker (optional)
Your choice of decoration
I chose a decal with a nautical theme to tie in with my picture. but you could use glitter or chalkboard paint, stickers, washi tape, fringe… the possibilities are endless.

Cut your picture to the size you want.
Place your photo corners on your picture. I used some glittery corners from Martha Stewart because they were on clearance and they add a little more to the project than just some plain clear ones.
After your corners are on the picture, peal off the paper from the adhesive back and stick however you want on your chip board.
Add your decal or decoration at this time as well.

Tape string to the back to the length you would like it to hang from your wall.
You can braid it or just leave it as is.

And you’re done! Now just hang. Super simple. I made this in about 10 minutes.
You can change out your picture whenever you would like. I could see these being really fun in a kids room with a little gallery of their pictures. Also a fun and easy party idea/craft.
If you do this I’d love to see pictures of how you decorated yours!


  1. Two Happy Hearts
    March 11, 2013

    Such a cute idea! Love it.


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