Quick & easy wall art DIY

Posted on Feb 26, 2013
Quick & easy wall art DIY

I am a daughter of a Lowe’s man so I am a fan of tool stores (especially when I leave with succulents) and sometimes Dylan asks me to come along when he wants to get some supplies there.  It can be a little boring when you do not have a project or anything specific that you’re shopping for and just following your boyfriend down aisle after aisle. This gives way to creative boredom. So I wander to get inspired and I collected a few things to do a couple DIYS in some upcoming posts.
This one is super quick and easy to make.
You will need:
a label maker
your choice of washi tape
sturdy color swatches for siding
Type any awesome phrase into the label maker
Stick phrase to the siding chip
hang on your wall with washi tape.
A few other ideas:
leave a love note for your love with one
add some glitter
Use as a decorative alternative to labeling/organizing boxes
If you have any other variations to this DIY or another idea of a way to use it please leave me a comment and I’d love to add it to the post.
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