My day in pictures: 3.5.13

Posted on Mar 6, 2013
My day in pictures: 3.5.13
A quick little pop in and hello. 
Made a little doodle this morning.
Here’s a funny story, up until about a month ago I hated carrots, would only eat them cooked or disguised in cookie form.
I have not stopped eating them these last few weeks! I’m talking every day or every other day. I can’t believe I’ve missed out on this tasty little snack for so long.
Anybody else feel the same way?
At work we run a food pantry and we take donations for it and apparently some guy dropped this huge (opened) bag of spelt flour off and no one wanted it. I inquired and was almost paid to take it they wanted to get rid of it so bad, haha. 100% organic whole spelt for free? Yes please!
So this means I need to come up with some creative recipes to use all this for.
And then I got home from work and I checked my mail and I received a very sweet (and typed) letter from my friend Emily from Kansas City!
Day made! I love hearing about life and just normal conversations. Emily is one of the coolest mommas I know and I can’t wait to introduce her on the blog someday soon!
That was my Tuesday. Supposedly we are getting a crazy snow storm tonight. Supposedly. I have yet to see any indicator of what they are predicting. We shall see. I am hoping I get a snow day tomorrow so I can just stay snuggled up crocheting watching movies and working on a couple projects.

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