My apologies

Posted on Apr 7, 2011
I know I apologize all the time for how poorly I keep this blog up, but here it goes again. I am sorry it’s been so long since I posted.
I also need to explain something about myself. I am very visually oriented. I have to see things. When I read blogs I don’t really do very much reading, I like to look at the pictures.  This is also why I can’t really seem to follow at pattern to save my life but I really like making up my own things.  With that said, Most of my posts include pictures. (also I’m a terrible writer and with sentence structure, Sorry again!)
My friends Seana and Cody got hitched down in Arkansas, they are one of the funnest couples.  Always fun when friends get married because it’s like a big party. All your friends are together! 
During some of the pictures my friend Josh called to ask where I was because he had something to give me. I thought that was odd, but when all of us came around the corner from pictures there was Dylan, my boyfriend, sitting on a bench with a rose in his hand smiling away.  I was so surprised and excited!
background: Dylan lives in Pittsburgh, PA. I live Joplin, MO. We’ve been doing the long distance thing for over a year now and I honestly can’t imagine anyone else putting up with me for this long, with long distance.  He’s a keeper!
I hadn’t seen him since August 2010. He had flown halfway across the country to surprise me!
I made a dress.

Made from a navy/white stripe jersey with 4 red buttons. Just a simple tube dress. I really wish I had a  serger could I could work with jersey more. Looks better with a red belt.
A few items I posted to etsy lately. I opened a new etsy shop specifically for my vintage items. It’s called Jump Ship. Check it out if you’re into some vintage. I have some real cute vintage dresses coming soon. I Just don’t have any pictures yet.

Also I’ve been stoked to learn how to make these little numbers.
They are on my handmade etsy shop called amberZonbie.
ok, hopefully it’s not another couple weeks or monthes before I post again.

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