Match Container DIY

Posted on Feb 17, 2015

Matches are great!  We use candles a lot throughout the house and rather than using lighters we use matches.
It was time to buy more matches for our house and I remembered a little idea I read about in a Martha Stewart Living magazine back in October. The idea was to give a small hostess gift of some matches in a pretty container. I really liked the idea so I decided to do a slightly cheaper spin on it.


You will need some neat containers.  Thrift stores and antique malls are great places to grab a few pretty and unique jars.  You could also use a cracked tea cup, a discarded spice jar or a burned out candle container, or you could even make a container Get clever!


Strike on box matches
Wood die cut
Wood glue stick (important to purchase non-flammable)
Paint and brush (optional)
Bakers twine (optional)


1. Remove stickers from thrifted jars and wash thoroughly.  Make sure container is clean and dry before placing matches inside.

2.  Paint wood die cuts. This is an optional step and is not a necessary part of the process but I liked the idea of adding a little color. Die cuts were chosen by shape according to the containers they were to be matched up to, I even tried a little bow tie die cut. I used a teal wood stain and a acrylic pale gray.  Die cuts and paints can be purchased at any craft store.


3. Cut the strike pads off the match boxes. Make sure the strike pads are cut to size for the die cuts.

4. Fill dry containers with matches. I filled a couple haphazard and others I lined up for an organized look.

strike pads

5.  Once the paint is completely dry, paste the strike pads to the die cuts and place under a weighted object for about five minutes. This allows for the strike pad to dry flat and not curl.


6. Place strike boards with their corresponding containers.  Keep container in a cool, dry place where it is easily accessible and ready to use for your candles and other pyro activities.


Attach a tag shaped die cut with bakers twine, write a note on the opposing side and give as a gift. Everybody can use matches, right!


My husband made a sweet little clay vase for me and I really thought it was perfect for the matches and this way we could use it more. We placed it on the kitchen table to be used for candlelight meals. It is by far my favorite match container.

matchboxes 2

You can also use strike anywhere matches and fine grit sandpaper, however that route tends to be a little more expensive and the box matches are only $.97 cents.

If you have a really fun container that you do this project with or even an alternative container, I would love to see it! Just leave a comment or @ me on instragram.

Have Fun!


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