living on the cheap: wolves and stripes

Posted on Jan 24, 2013
 Sometimes I wear clothes, and sometimes people ask me where I bought them. So I decided to do a post here and there to show these items and to show how dirt cheap you can build a basic outfit. We’ll see how this goes … It may be a flop. But, whatever! At least I tried.
I’m also a little odd so you’ll get odd pictures, like the one below.

Wolf tank was actually a 2x tee that I bought for maybe a quarter at a goodwill outlet store. It already had a good vintage wash and I was pretty stoked on it. (Dylan was too, he tried to sneak it from me) But I decided to make it into a tank so I can wear it during all seasons and I kept it long (not pictured). This tank is probably one of my most comfortable and most favorite tanks now.
cardigan: urban outfitters – thrifted, wolf tank: thrifted – DIY alterations, jeans: express – clearance years ago, sneaks: vans – delia’s clearance years ago, stupid glasses: Salvation Army, amber necklace: gift from Dylan from mexico, key necklace: gift from the sweet Sarah (check out her photography!)turquoise necklace: thrifted. 

I took this one awhile back but I wore the shirt today and it reminded me that I had thought about posting it.
cardigan: target – clearance 
silk stripe top: thrifted
jeans: express ages ago  – clearance 
old combat boots: punk rock trade with my friend kolourz (they are a little too big but super comfortable so I wear them a lot).
look and feel classy!


  1. Anna Banana
    January 24, 2013

    I need more. More of everything.

  2. emily
    January 24, 2013

    Lovely as usual! Lets see that apartment now!


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