Living on the Cheap: Lexi

Posted on Jul 8, 2013
I have known Lex since she was probably 11 and she has always been a pretty rad girl.  Now she’s all grown up and graduated… *tear* they grow up so fast. She has a fun style and I thought I’d have her share an outfit post and a little bit of what she likes to do in her free time.

photo by: Kevin Deems Photography
Lexi Brown
 Joplin, Missouri
Contemporary with retro/thrifty overtones, but I really just wear what I’m comfortable in.
Whenever I’m shopping I tend to go for things that are under $20, especially if it’s just one item. If I’m thrifting I go for things that are practical that I would actually wear. I look for items I could get at the mall, but they’re cuter and $2. I really like layering a lot of things and putting a scarf over it all. Ultimately, if I know I won’t be comfortable in my own skin wearing it, I won’t buy it. I just buy what I like, despite what others will think. 
I love Free People and Betsy Johnson, they’re expensive, but I can always find Free People stuff for a discounted price at a place in Joplin. 

Sweater – thrifted 
Skirt – thrifted 
Necklace – thrifted 
Tights – sale – Target
Boots – sale – Urban Outfitters 

Hobbies: Antiquing, thrifting, seeing live music, writing, drawing, and photography, and the Bible.

How did you get started: My mom always told me I had an eye for composition, but I never took it seriously. Then, one day my best friend asked me to take photos of her sister and herself as a gift to her dad. After that I was hooked. I took pictures of other things, but I loved portraits.

A lot of things inspire me to shoot. Sometimes, when I see a certain kind of light I have a tendency to make one of my friends pose in front of it. The more trees or green that I’m surrounded by, the better. I love pretty light, lots of depth of field, and unnecessary headroom.

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