Little Makeovers: Vintage Swing Lamp

Posted on Jan 26, 2014
Little Makeovers: Vintage Swing Lamp
We are very slowly making small home improvements here and there as we have time and resources. The Dining room used to have a very long table, almost like a boardroom table, that seated about 10. As a wedding gift, Dylan’s aunts gifted us this great Mid Century table and chairs! We finally went and picked it up the other day and I was tickled pink! I love them! We are making efforts to make that room seem more open and spacious
We changed out the light fixture in the kitchen. Our friend Al had this Vintage Brass Swing Lamp that he let us have.  We are all about reusing and repurposing. We decided to paint it black to make it stand out a little bit. We also chose to keep the base in the same location as the old light (which was centered in the room) and draped the chain to the new location of the table on the far wall. Plus it saved us from drilling new holes and running new electric.
We were inspired by some images I have come across on blogs and pinned to my Pinterest. I really like the exposed wires, some think it looks messy but I think it adds a little more detail to an otherwise boring ceiling.

We went to Lowes picked up a few things we were going to need. New LED Lightbulbs (they’re awesome), black chain, lamp wire, and a finial (that actually didn’t work out) ceiling hooks (not pictured) and flat black spray paint (also not pictured).
This is where having a handy husband comes in well… handy. We removed our old light fixture and got to work. We painted the brass, attached the wire and threaded the chain. We measured out our placement and hung the light. Dylan worked out all the electrical part of it, I’m so glad I married a guy that loves projeccts as much as I do, actually more than I do.
Ignore the primered walls and giant yellow circle on the ceiling. Still working on painting that room.

Total project cost was about $60. We bought LED lights which are a bit more pricey but will save us money in the long run. We also didn’t use all the materials so we have left overs for another project!

What do you think? We’re kind of in love with it! The room is much more open and the placement of the table allows a much smoother flow to the room. I can’t wait to start sharing before and after pictures of finished rooms! 


  1. Bree Talks
    January 27, 2014

    So cute!

    • amberZon
      February 1, 2014

      Thanks cobra! You’re the best and your blog is looking so good! such clever ideas! love it!

  2. John Clifford
    April 7, 2014

    Amazing collections of Light. Love this magnificent piece, especially with the golden with white color Vintage Brass Swing Lamp. I would definitely enjoy staying in a room with such a quiet and refreshing style of decor.


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