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Posted on Jun 21, 2012

I’m going to try to keep this up for my family and friends back home to update on life and random projects I’ve been working on.
Long overdue update:  I moved to Pittsburgh, PA to be closer to my boyfriend Dylan and to try a new adventure in life. So I Moved from Joplin, MO to Pittsburgh, PA.
After over three years talking and getting to know each other and over two years dating/flying back and forth we decided it was time to be a bit closer to each other and be a part of each other’s daily lives.

I managed to have enough ‘stuff’ to fill that whole u-haul (something I’m not 

exactly proud of) luckily I had my tetris thinking boyfriend to 

use his tour load-in and load-out experience to help me.

Of course Tiger Lily had to come with me

       Emma Jane was a champ for the whole drive. She instantly bonded with Dylan

   (my other red-head). I was so happy about this but I shouldn’t have 

 worried, Emma rarely meets someone she doesn’t like.  haha …dogs

It has been totally worth it! And Probably THE hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life. Leaving everything that was comfortable and familiar, family and friends, job and city.  I have definitely been stretched and forced out of my comfort zone on more than one occasion.  Poor Dylan has been through my emotional highs and lows and homesickness. He has been real understanding and patient and so encouraging and loving through all this.

I transferred with Target to a brand new store here and I started attending church at Hot Metal. I moved into a l.5 bedroom apt. and live by myself and I like it but continue to realize I have too much ‘stuff’, so you may see some blog posts about purging haha. I also have some ridiculous neighbors to make life interesting. I’m not much of a writer so I will just let instagram pictures show you the rest. Besides my dad doesn’t like books without pictures haha so this is for those types of people out there (myself included).

Emma Jane is not exactly a fan of baths but she’s so darn cute!

I know some people put a lot of unnecessary adoration on their pets and maybe I border 

that (I don’t know) but for Emma and I it has been a journey together and it has been so nice 
to have her as a constant at my side. She senses when I’m stoked and starts running laps 
around the house and when I’m sad she just lays her head on my lap, and when I’ve been
 sick she just jumps in bed and presses her body as hard as she can to my side as if to say it’ll be ok.
 Even now as I type this she is curled up by my side and staring at me with her big dark brown eyes. 
So precious to me. I have been so thankful for this little mutt and as much as she drives me 
crazy sometimes I wouldn’t trade her for any other pup in the whole world.

Walking to get ice cream with friends

Birthday date with the handsome, I turned 28. 

He picked me up from work and we went to a cute little 

Greek restaurant and then we went to see a play and then rushed to
 Red Robin for strawberry lemonades before they closed. He’s a keeper.

I love having so many food options and varieties and 

getting to play around with new recipes with new foods.

My apartment

LOWE’S!! (Dylan is a Home Depot guy, wah wah)

Walks and just being in nature down at the farm

Em making new friends (or boyfriend).

making dinners for and/or with this guy

Silly pictures together

Volunteered for the March for Dimes at PNC park and Heinz field

 with Target and got free tickets to the game that day. 

GUESS who they were playing?!?!  THE ROYALS!! I’ve been a royals fan since I was a kid,
 I know they’re not great but ya gotta stay true blue loyal royal

Baked our first pie together, Strawberry Rhubarb pie. 

All from scratch and rhubarb from the CSA share!

Making Summery drinks that I like to call summertime goodness!

Recipe to come!

And Summer berry treats too!

We are so excited that we actually get to go on dates now! Crazy!

Community gatherings to celebrate new bike trails and making new friends. Jareel!

Made a flower arrangement for the dinner table at the farm. Beautiful day lilies!

Ok that was really long. Hopefully I keep this up, but if you read past posts I have said this before. We’ll see.  I will try to post a recipe later today. Hope everyone is doing well!

Stay Classy!


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