Guess Who’s Two?!

Posted on Mar 27, 2013
Guess Who’s Two?!
Emma turned two this last weekend! Hard to believe it’s been two crazy years with this beautiful red head.

We celebrated with yelling “Emma! It’s your birthday! Happy Birthday!” She went crazy because we were excited and she wasn’t sure what we were excited about. It was really funny. I think she thought we were saying there was a puppy outside.

We went to Petco and bought her little ginger treats and her favorite canned food, canned is treat, she loves duck, she goes crazy for it. If you’re a pet owner and looking for a good natural dog food Emma and I would highly suggest this one. Two paws up.
Love my two red heads. Emma is a blur because she scarfed it down in about 3 minutes. 
I did another DIY over on the Brashear Kids blog for our 5 Days of DIY. A jar Inspo.

Fun and easy washi tape DIY

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