Gluten Free Salmon Fritters

Posted on Jan 30, 2014
Gluten Free Salmon Fritters
I like fish. Salmon is high on the list. These fritters are a little addictive to me. Pair it with a yummy cocktail sauce and I’m set. Something about them makes me feel like a 5 year old eating fish sticks for lunch, but I’m alright with that.
You will need:
1 can of salmon, drained and deboned
1 tbs. of gluten free bread crumbs
juice of half a lemon
1 egg
Place the salmon in a medium mixing bowl. Scramble and add egg to salmon. Mix. As weird as it is I prefer to mix it with my hands, I feel like it really mixes into the fish. Squirt lemon juice in and salt and pepper if desired. Add bread crumbs slowly, mix with hands. You don’t want it too dry just enough to make it packable and form into patties.  Sprinkle olive oil into a skillet and fry fritters until lightly golden brown on both sides.
Expect a few crumbles around the edges. They’re the best part!

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