February adventure date day

Posted on Feb 10, 2013
February adventure date day
 Dylan had a speaking engagement at a camp retreat a little over an hour outside the city this morning and Emma and I tagged along. It was snowing on the way up the mountain, but on the way back down the sun came out and it was beautiful!

These duck boots have been the best thing this winter with all the snow we’ve had.
Thrifted for 8 bucks! Pretty stoked on that steal. Dylan bought them for me.

The chapel across the street from the camp.
We had already decided to stop by a thrift store before heading back to the city so we headed to town and stumbled across some a few stores. Dylan and I have always enjoyed going to flea markets and antique malls together or any kind of thrifting for that matter. This is how it turned into adventure date day. One thrift store turned into three, in different towns, and driving on windy snowy roads. It was great!
A sweet old print at an antique store that we will be sure to return to in the future.
It pained me to walk away from these babies. 40 bucks a piece! Amazing condition! Mainly I wanted that couch. 
(I think I may have drooled on it.  Shhhh… Don’t tell Salvation Army)
And this pretty ruffled button up! It was brand new, still in the package. It’s actually a great coral color! I was pretty pumped on it!
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That was my classy day, how was yours?


  1. Two Happy Hearts
    February 11, 2013

    Those duck boots are amazing!

  2. amberZon
    February 11, 2013

    @two happy hearts thanks! I was mega stoked on them!


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