Easy Pita chips recipe

Posted on Jul 4, 2012
Easy Pita chips recipe

This is a super easy recipe for a healthy little snack. I used to nanny for a vegetarian family and all the snacks we prepared for them were either organic, homemade or all natural. So we made pita chips probably once a week for their snacks. My friend Robin taught me how to make these, So thank you Robin.

You’ll need:
Pita bread (with the pockets)
Olive oil cooking spray
Garlic salt

Preheat the oven to 350.  You can use White or Whole Wheat pita bread. I used whole wheat from trader Joe’s although I would suggest using white the first time or two until you figure out how well done you like it or how evenly your oven bakes.

Olive Oil cooking spray: Olive oil is suggested but any cooking spray works. I recently started using a Misto and I really like it! No aerosol spray and I feel like it is cheaper in the long run because you just use your own olive oil.  

Garlic salt: Any garlic salt works. I make my own with a mixture of Sea salt, garlic powder, and a bit of parsley. (Sometimes i like to know what going into my body, thus I like making it).

First: cut each of your pita bread into 6 triangles
Second pull apart the pocket like so. (example per pita you should end up with 12 triangles)

Next lay out your triangles/chips on a cookie sheet with the inside pockets facing up. Then spray tops with olive oil spray, sprinkle with garlic salt to your liking. I like to sprinkle extra parsley on the tops.
(Also can we talk about how I have a Mustard yellow stove? I’m kind of a fan of it, haha)

Set a timer for 8-10 minutes and place in the oven to bake. Like i said, it would be wise to check them periodically to make sure they don’t burn because they can be a little temperamental depending on how every oven bakes. repeat until all pita chips are baked.
Lastly, set back and enjoy your chips. Perfect for little ones.
Its a good substitute for those Doritos you’ve been craving (or was that me?)
They easily store in an old pickle jar or any container with a seal to keep fresh.
You can change up the recipe and use cinnamon sugar instead of garlic salt for a sweet snack. Or any other combination of seasonings. Get creative! I’d love to hear what you come up with.
Hope all that was simple enough and I hope i didn’t rattle on too much. Enjoy making these!
Keep it classy!

PS. I apologize for the picture quality. Still working on this whole picture taking thing. Bear with me.


  1. emily
    July 4, 2012

    These look tasty! I never thought of making them…my mom makes pita bread from scratch…its on my list of things to do! The kids would love these though! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Bree Talks
    July 4, 2012


  3. amberZon
    February 3, 2013

    thanks Bree and Emily!


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