DIY: Macrame hanging succulents

Posted on Sep 19, 2012
DIY: Macrame hanging succulents
So I have recently moved across the street to a new place and I’m still settling a little bit and

trying to make it my home. I also am slightly obsessed with succulents and some house plants.
 My favorite color is green so naturally I love to have green things around me.

Now I am also a fan of Lowe’s, but I am especially a fan of clearance and markdowns and the Lowe’s closest to me seems to always have them on clearance. Usually due to them having a couple dead leaves or maybe the last of their kind and needed to be liquidated Nothing wrong just needed some TLC.
  Tip: make friends with the people in your nursery so when you need to ask a lot of questions they won’t be annoyed by you and will gladly take time to chat and mark items down even more for you.
It’s the best!
So I bought about 9 small succulent pots all usually $4 to $6 marked down to $.50 and a $1. After talking with an expert he encouraged me to keep them in their pots a little longer after buying.
Now I like things to be a bit more aesthetically appealing and these little black pots with ugly bar codes on them were not appealing to me, so I got to thinking… and this is what I came up with.
You will need:
nail or hook
succulent in a pot or any other household plant
(I used tie down rope, you can get this at Lowe’s for about $2. 
It’s cheap and not as bulky as macrame rope. I want my plants to stick out more than the rope.)

Step 1: Cut 4 strips the same length to just over double the length of how long you want
your planter to hang down on your wall or from your ceiling/rafters.
Example: If you want it to hang down about 2 feet you cut 4 lengths to about 4.5-5 feet long.
Step 2: Hammer a nail into a piece of wood to use while you tie your macrame basket.
When I did the original ones (the lighter pictures on the wall with the map) I just hammered
a nail into a door post corner and stood and tied. I did the tutorial shots on my
boyfriends back porch so wherever you choose should be fine.
Fold lengths in half and tie a knot. There should be a loop left at the top that you can hang on your nail.
Step 3: Tie two lengths together about 1/2 to 2/3 the way down and repeat with the other six at the same distance till you have 4 knots like above. They don’t have to be perfect.
I suggest trying to use the strings closest to each other at the top just under the knot, makes it less tangled.
Step 4: Repeat this with alternating lengths to get a crisscross pattern and then connect
the last knots, you should have a circle by now. At this point you can go
ahead and tie one last big knot and end the project but I  like to go another round or two.
It’s fun to play around with the knots and lengths in between and see
what the patterns look like once you put the plant in.
Step 5: Tie off the end with one giant knot. 
You can trim the tassel or leave it as is depending on how long you would like it.
Make sure your knots are taut.

Step 6: Place your potted plant in the basket and TaDa!
You just made a pretty little piece of green hanging art for your place!
You can change up or use various different containers.
This was made for my friend Katherine and she chose this old amber juice glass.
I had a blank wall that needed something and I found an old map of Pennsylvania when I was cleaning the place so I kept it to put on my wall. I don’t have any cute washi tape so painters tape had to do.
Ha making do I guess.
This is not even half the plants that are in my new place. Like I said I’m slightly obsessed. 
Enjoy! Hope this was easy to understand and if you have any questions please comment.
I’d love to be able to answer them.

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