Business card DIY featuring Jess from Jeca Creations

Posted on Mar 20, 2013
Business card DIY featuring Jess from Jeca Creations
I am really excited to introduce an old friend of mine, who is super creative. Jess was my first roommate, and I would also have to say she was the first person to interest me in sewing. I am pretty sure she always had a a project she was working on in our house whether it was sewing, knitting, paper craft or just fun house stuff she was always thinking and creating. I used to think it was so odd that she was so into sewing so young, I thought it was a little old lady-ish (until about 7 years ago when I became the same way).

Jess runs a blog featuring her cute girls, everyday life and fun DIYs.

My husband loves to purchase records. Several years ago we purchased a large, over 200, record collection from someone who was moving.  There were some prized pieces in there but most were not even worth a single cent.  We decided to make a few record bowls which turned out great but then we were left with several sleeves.  What do you do with all it?  
I have a little vintage shop on Etsy called Jeca Vintage.  I was needing some new business cards to go with my awesome new logo that Amber made me.  I didn’t really want to spend any money, I’m pretty cheap.  I didn’t know what to do.  Then I remembered all of those record sleeves I had stored away.  This is a great and super easy D.I.Y.
Business Card D.I.Y.
First gather up all of your materials.  I used a simple Fiskars paper cutter, some ink, a stamp that you want to use (I made mine out of a foam sheet, scissors and a marker), and a Sharpie.
Next cut your record sleeve.  You will first want to cut or rip your sleeve in to two pieces.  Next cut your sleeve into business card size (3.5″ x 2″).  You may want to do this on the printed side so that you can see what you are cutting.  You will probably want to move your sleeve around so that you can have the most colorful pieces as your card.
Next use your stamp and stamp it up.  I was lucky enough to have an acrylic block (from Close to My Heart) that is business card size.  This way I was able to just line up the card with the block and have the stamp in the same spot on each one.
Now take out your Sharpie and write down your pertinent information.  
Not only will these cards be one of a kind but it adds a personal touch with the entire piece being hand made.  
Are you a record collector?  In just a few weeks Jessica’s husband, John,  will be opening up an Etsy shop, Raven Room Records.  Go favorite it so that you will be the first to know of great deals on amazing lp’s!  
To check out more of what Jessica does go to:
Thanks Jeca!


  1. Retta Langevin
    April 25, 2013

    I love those cards! It’s vintage, artsy and represents Jeca’s personal brand really well. It’ll be a little time consuming if there’s a need for a huge batch of cards though. Do either of you have ideas for printing out the pertinent info while still keeping it in line with the vintage and crafty theme?


    • Jeca Creations
      April 29, 2013

      Thank you Retta! One way to do large amounts at one time would be to print out your info and modge-podging it onto the record sleeves. In order to cut them quickly you would need one of those large school type paper cutters though.
      You could really use anything though.
      One idea would be to use some book pages, old yellowing ones would work best. Set your alignments on your computer as well as your printer and you could print right on them. You would still need to adhere them onto some card stock for stability. These would be much easier and faster to cut than the cardboard record sleeves. I hope this helps!

    • amberZon
      April 30, 2013

      Awesome ideas! Also a pre made stamp might work either made by you or commissioned by someone else and then laid out to dry.


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